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Located centrally in Charlotte, North Carolina   We offer training in all cities/counties of both North and South Carolina          
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Course  Eligibility

To attend any of our training, you must meet all of our course requirements below (These are OUR course requirements, and may be different than the state requirements to apply for your CCH/CWP  permit);

By reading and registering for a class,  You understand that these are the requirements to attend ANY training or courses from ANY person affiliated with and/or  You also understand that the legal requirements to apply and/or obtain a concealed carry handgun permit are NOT defined by any person affiliated with and/or and are NOT defined herein, but can be found online at the North Carolina Department of Justice website and/or with the local county sheriff, and for South Carolina residents at the South Carolina Law Enforcent division (SLED) website. You also understand that all fees paid are for training and/or instruction and do NOT guarantee you to be issued a course completion certificate or instructor signed off paperwork unless you pass the state required instruction and/or tests.. Course completion certificates and SC student paperwork are issued at the sole discretion of the course instructor.  You also acknowledge that all fees paid for training/instruction are NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason.

  • You must have a valid state issued I.D. or valid U.S. Government issued ID, required. (You must bring this to class, unless you are under 18, then we require your parent bring their I.D., we will scan /copy/ or photograph your I.D.for our records)

  • You must be a current resident of the state of North Carolina and/or South Carolina (for whichever class you take)  and must have been for a minimum of 30 days. Each state has their own requirements to apply for their respective permits, and you must meet them before you can apply.            

  • You cannot have been convicted of any felonies or convicted of misdemeanors with aggressive violence involved, or are awaiting trial for a felony or sentencing for a crime which would disqualify you from obtaining a concealed handgun permit.

  • You must be in the U.S. legally without having renounced U.S. Citizenship.

  • You must be an adult or a responsible child with signed parental permission. (Parents are required to be present and sign in the presence of instructor)

  • You must not suffer from any physical or mental infirmity that prevents the safe handling of a handgun.

  • You have NOT been discharged from any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces under a Dis-Honorable, Under Other Than Honorable Conditions, Dismissal, or a Bad Conduct Discharge. However, we can still provide NRA training for you.

  • A reasonable person would conclude that you are of "good moral character."

  • Pregnant women are not encouraged to pursue firearms training of any type. You assume all risk/liability for
    your actions and consequences regarding firearms training.

  • If you are taking a North Carolina CCH Class, or South Carolina CWP class, You must NOT be under a court order which would prohibit you from obtaining a concealed permit, See
    North and South Carolina laws.


    (Payment Information)

    We prefer payment by cash or money order (made payable directly to your instructor). Alternatively, you may also choose to pay via credit card through paypal, or you can arrange to pay by credit card at the time of the class.

    All classes require either full payment at the beginning of class or payment prior to the class date.  Payment in advance guarantees you a spot in class.  This payment is NON REFUNDABLE.  Your instructor will contact you once your registration is received, if you do not pay online.  Please do not mail payment in until your instructor contacts you.  All payments must be made payable to your specific instructor.

    Pay Online via Paypal / Credit Card
    (No paypal account required)

    Pay by Mail via Money Order  (made payable to your instructor, not us).  

    OR Pay in person via Cash / Credit Card / or Money Order (made payable to your instructor, not us).  

    If you choose to mail in payment, you MUST wait for your instructor to contact you by email with a registration confirmation and payment information. Payment must be received prior to class date and must include a copy of your registration information. Payment through U.S. mail MUST be made via money order and MUST be made payable directly to your specific instructor, not to us.

    You will receive an email from your instructor within 48 hours after registration, with payment information.

    Alternatively;  You may pay at the training location with cash / money order / or credit card.  *You must make arrangements in advance to pay at your class.

    Do you offer refunds ?  What if I can't make it to the class and have already paid?

    No.  We do not offer any refunds.  All class spots must be registered in advance and payment guarantees you a spot.  Because spots are registered, we close classes once they fill up.  We do accept many forms of payment; cash, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. You can pay through the website, or register and send payment in the mail via money order (payable to your instructor).

    In the event that you have already paid for a class and can not attend, it is against our policy to refund any payment.  We will allow you to reschedule (1) time within 30 days, if you notify us a minimum of 48 hours in writing before your scheduled class.  If you can't reschedule or attend as scheduled, your payment will be forfeited. If you are scheduled for a class and you do not show up, your spot is forfeited and your payment will NOT be refunded.  ALL SALES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.



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